Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Jasper

Our lovely handsome adored Jasper had to leave us on 14th June 2018. You got ill so quickly and I never thought the day I picked you up and put you into the pet carrier ready to go to the vets would be the last time I ever held you. We were so blessed to have you in our lives for 7 and a half years. You meant and will always mean the absolute world to us (me and cat mummy). I will never forget all of the time we had together, I will always miss you. It's so hard without you, I don't know how I can live the rest of my life without you, I really don't. You gave us so many reasons to smile and laugh and keep going. When things were tough you were always there to brighten the day and lighten the mood. Whenever I was upset or feeling bad I knew I could get up and find you and that you would make me feel better. You were so sweet, always coming up to me and cat mummy straight away whenever we were upset and headbutting us in your loving way or hugging us or sitting by us and purring to try and cheer us up, so many times you put your paw on my hand to comfort me. I can't say thank you enough. It was such a delight that Christmas Eve in 2010 when I heard your meow on our doorstep and loving cats, I rushed downstairs to see who you were. There you were- a beautiful fluffy ginger and white cat. I wanted to befriend you straight away. You were shy at first, coming back to our garden every now and then cautiously and eventually sneaking in the catflap seeking out a home. You were always so dirty and hungry, we knew you were a stray. I remember every time we spotted you in the garden I would go outside and try and encourage you to come in. You ran away quite a few times until eventually, nearly a month after I first saw you, you were brave enough to come in the catflap whilst we were in the kitchen waiting for you. We were so happy to have finally met you properly. I loved you from then on. A few times you went missing for a week or so and we were so worried and wondered where you were, when you came back one time we noticed someone had got you neutered and we were so upset with worry that you knew other people and that maybe you would stay with them and make them your permanent owners. You'd been with us longer, we loved you so much, we couldn't bear the thought of you living with other people but we didn't need to worry, from that day on you never left us again. You chose us. You stayed with us. You could've chosen the other people you visited but you didn't. You spent all your time here, your true home. We can't thank you enough for choosing us and I'm forever glad that you found us. We had so many happy years together, you were such a happy lovely healthy cat. You had a great life with us, I'm so happy we were able to give that to you. Everyone who saw you commented on how handsome and lovely you were. It reminded us time and time again how lucky we were that you were ours. You were and always will be SO special. We've never known or heard of a cat that did the things you did- reaching up to us on your back legs to tap us with your paw to ask for a hug, giving proper hugs as if you were a child.. wrapping your front legs around our necks and resting your chin on our shoulder or headbutting us lovingly when you had your "arms" around our necks! You gave the best hugs. All the times you wouldn't go to the toilet when it was raining unless I held an umbrella over you the whole time! Fancy a cat doing that! I remember that time you wouldn't go out even when we encouraged you to but as soon as you saw me put my wellies and coat on and get the umbrella you ran back to the catflap and waited for me to put the umbrella up over you to walk you to the toilet! All the times you kept me company during my flare-ups when I was home alone, sitting on the table by me when I tried to eat. I really appreciated that. Sticking by my side when I was crying my eyes out. The times you sat on my lap and put your paw on my stomach because you knew something was wrong with me in there. I always looked forward to seeing you. That excitement I had when we first met you never went away. No matter how many years went by I was always excited to see you every day. It was only a month or so ago I was saying to cat mummy how even though we had you for 7 years you still felt new in a way, because I was still so thrilled to be with you every day and I could never get over how adorable and funny and sweet you were! You were my best friend. We had so much fun. We shared so much love. Letting you go was one of the hardest moments of my life and hearing the vet say it's best to put you to sleep tore my heart into pieces. I knew we had to though, you were suffering too much and you were too ill to operate on. I'm glad me and cat mummy could be there for you though, as you always were for us. When we came to say goodbye at the vets you were staring off into space and seemed unresponsive, but then you noticed us and you turned your head slowly to cat mummy and then to me and with your last bit of energy you purred for us the best you could. That warmed our hearts so much. I didn't think I had the guts to stay in the room when you were put to sleep because I was so devastated, but I did. I knew I had to for your sake, I wanted you to remember how much I love you. We were the last thing you saw, and we were with you until the very end. Even after you had passed away we stroked you some more. I told you not to worry, that we will bring you home, and we will next week. It feels so empty and lonely without you. I can't stop crying. We're incomplete without you. I'm still looking out the window expecting to see you sitting in the grass, I'm still looking around the lounge expecting to see you sleeping behind the tv or snuggled up on a chair. I'm even sniffing your bed because it still smells of you. Your lovely smell! I noticed you left some pieces of grass seed behind the tv and near the scratching post, it always made us laugh how you managed to collect them in your fur so often and leave them lying around the house or ready for us to pick out of your fur. Seeing little things like that you left behind makes me smile. I miss you so much it hurts. I miss your meow whenever I said good morning to you, I miss sitting in the garden with you, I miss hugging you, I miss hearing your loud purr, I miss you trying to steal my lunch and seeing you sitting in the bottom of the piano at dinner, I miss everything about you. Me and cat mummy miss you every minute of every day. You were perfect, everything we could have dreamed of in a pet and more. Our king of the jungle, man of the house, adorable little tiger, adored best friend, wonderful handsome boy, beloved fluffy son and awesome fluffy little brother to cat mummy and me, we will love you forever and can only pray one day we will be reunited with you on the other side where we can be happy together again, forever. They say pets run up to you and give you a big hug when you finally reunite by the rainbow bridge, well with your amazing hugs we will always have that to look forward to. Thank you for blessing our lives. Jasper, you have our hearts forever. We love you more than words can express. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chloe - Owner / Best Friend