Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Jess

In loving memory of Jess, In twilight's gentle embrace, a tale unfolds, Of a feline spirit, precious and bold, Through fleeting days and starlit nights, A bond so pure, a love's true light. With grace and poise, she roamed the earth, Her pawprints marking joy and mirth, In whispers of whiskers and curious eyes, A soul so tender, a heart so wise. In sun-kissed hours and moonlit skies, Her presence brought us endless ties, Her softest purrs, a calming song, A melody of love, forever strong. In each playful leap and gentle nudge, A friend, a confidant, a constant judge, For secrets shared and tears she knew, Her empathy, a love so true. With fur as dark as the midnight's grace, Yet bright as stars in a boundless space, She graced our lives with sweet delight, A guardian angel through the night. In windowsills where she would sit, A regal pose, she'd often fit, A queen of realms both near and far, Her kingdom, love's celestial star. Though now she's crossed the rainbow bridge, Her memory lives, it can't be rid, For in our hearts, she'll always dwell, A cherished friend, we loved so well. The days may pass, the seasons change, But Jess's love, it will remain, In whispers of wind and gentle breeze, Her spirit roams, forever free. So, let us mourn but not forget, The joy she brought, a lasting debt, In memories woven, like threads of gold, Her legacy, forever told. Farewell, dear Jess, in fields unknown, Your spirit dances, love full-blown, Until we meet on distant shores, In dreams, you'll dwell forevermore. I love you Jess, R.I.P xxxxxx
Emma Cummins - Mum