Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Jess May

Jess you taught me how to have a real best friend ,you filled my heart with joy and love , you were my forever best friend and i will never forget you my beautiful girl . After your cancer diagnosis , we made every extra day we had with you so extra special spoiling you as much as we could do. But when the time came we bravely took you in to the vets and loved and supported you as you slipped away .My heart broke that day 12/04/2021 and i have cried myself to sleep every night that you have been gone....I don't think i will ever get over losing you as you were such a special girl but have some comfort that you are with me in your lovely ashes box that now sits on my bedside table and will stay with me till my time comes then we will be reunited, until we meet again you will be forever in my heart,
Rachel May - Fur mum
Jess May