Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Jezabelle

The 5th July 2022 was the most difficult time and decision we've every had to make, a decision that would change the rest of our lives, a decision which i never want or wanted to do, how do you live with yourself knowing you ended a beautiful life which had to be cut short because of an illness... Out love for jezabell was do strong it hurts that bad my heart ached with pain and with that we see no future without her being in it, our hearts are broken and life seems to have stopped still.... we feel like we are drifting along waiting to catch a glimpse of her gorgeous face, her soft coat and most beautiful deep blue eyes... will we see her again i do hope so, we hope she is in a better place with no pain and running free with jade and jemima.. my girls altogether once again, i will protect her memory and honour her spirit and love her beyond eternity... They say if your cat gets to a decent age which jezabell got to 16yrs 7mths you must of done something right!! I strongly believe we did that job to the best of our ability, the love we had we'd never felt before with jezabell she was more than our cat she was my baby girl, I'd do anything for her, we used to have morning cuddles where we looked into each others eyes and new what each was feeling, she new when i needed a special cuddle, we talked for hours especially when mummy karen was in bed, we had night time talks, i would tell her my deepest thoughts and she never judged just listened, we fell asleep where she'd hold on tight while reaching out to mummy karen, these memories I'll never get back but by God I'll never forget, jezabell was and is My Special Siamese Blue eyed Girl, we can't imagine our lives will ever be the same again, there's a huge space a empty bed and water bowl, these little pieces are hugely important to us, I've got loads of pictures and videos to browse through when we need to reflect on how our lives used to be, Today 15/7/22 our little girl came home, her ashes are placed in a mirrored box with a teddy at her side, i say morning and whisper i love you and miss you and at night do the same, we talk about the day and the travels we will take her on, I know in my heart she's listening and feels loved and safe once again back home with us both... Jezabell 18.12.2005 to 05.07.2022 love always mum Ruth and mummy Karen your in our hearts and in the star's love you to the Moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ruth Ellis - Mum and mummu