Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Kida-Koda

My whole world and more Kida, I wish I could have saved you. There are dogs and then there is you, the best one of all. You saved my life and you brought me so much happiness. If heaven has so many angels, why did God take you. A short paragraph can not explain how much you mean to me. Nobody ever talks about how empty you feel when a part of you leaves and nobody will understand you are more than a dog. 7 years wasn’t enough time and I will look for you in everything I do. My whole heart and more. I love you so much my baby. You will always be my good girl, all your sisters and brother miss you. Please wait for me Snoot, I’ll be with you one day. All of us love you Love always Mammy, E, S, P, D, and T
Mammy - Owner