Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Lily

In loving memory of Lily c.2010 – May 2023 Lily, after some years on the streets you decided to walk into my house and into my life. You clearly decided immediately you liked your new “forever home” - So much so, that you stayed with me for over five wonderful years. I loved you from the very first moment we met – You were so adoring, gentle and affectionate, never once raising a paw in anger against me. I’m going to miss so much all the funny and quirky little things you used to do like running through the house to meet me when I arrived home, chattering away and making those funny little “mep mep” noises; you sitting on my lap purring away with a manic look on your face whilst kneading my chest with your front paws as if you were treading grapes and all this whilst nose bumping me; me waking up in the middle of the night to find you only inches away from my face drinking out of my bedside water glass; you creeping up behind me like a furry ninja almost causing me to trip over as I turned around and the look of complete contentment you always had on your face whilst you were basking in the sunshine in the conservatory or in the garden. There’s a hole in my life that seems impossible to fill now that you’re no longer here with me and everything just reminds me of you. I keep expecting to see you curled up or stretched out on your favourite chair soaking up the rays of warm sunshine but then I sadly realise you’re not there… May you rest in peace and in the eternal sunshine my little furry angel. I know you’re up there watching over me. I’ll never forget you Lily puss and if my love for you could have saved you, you’d have lived forever, which you will do in my heart and I’ll be waiting to give you a big cuddle and a tickle under the chin as soon as we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. X
Stephen - Owner