Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Little Boy

As the question is often asked, Little Boy was named after neither a small child or a nuclear WMD, but he was named after a Lion named Boy. I have never loved anyone or anything more than I love you. You chose me, you were a tiny little black kitten amongst many other black kittens playfully tumbling around the room, but you were determined that I would take notice of you after arriving to collect your sister. 45 minutes of not knowing which cat to choose later, the seller suggested I just take them both (genius). From that night on, we became inseparable. Together, we have met and formed friendships with many cats, but you were the only one who reciprocated the exact same actions of love with cuddles and kisses that we often find ourselves showering upon our pets. Of course the others show affection in their beautiful little ways, but none so intensely as you. I'm going to miss hiding my face in the pillow from you only for your paw to come sliding between my face and the pillow to turn my head back around so you can keep licking my face. I'm going to miss you interrupting me to squeak at me whenever I have a conversation with somebody. I'm going to miss you laying on my chest with both paws making biscuits either side of my head, and I'm going to miss you resting your mouth between my thumb and my index finger when you sleep. We will find each other again, I promise you. Little Boy was the kindest cat in the world. He had perfect cat etiquette and manners when meeting new cats, and he absolutely doted on any kitten he saw. Little Boy was once even licking the side of my pet rats head as another pet rat slept beside him when he was a year old. His capacity to show love to whatever I showed love to was phenomenal. I love you and I am so grateful for you, for the years spent with you, and the years to come with you in my heart, my little beautiful face <3
Lauren - Mummy
Little Boy