Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Lucky

Lucky 2007-2016

On the 1st of November we lost our beautiful dog, it was the hardest decision we ever had to make. He was a such a loyal and affectionate dog and its so hard that we didn't say goodbye properly. Every time we are alone we think of you. The house is not the same without you, its just so quiet. You gave us 6 beautiful puppies which we know you dearly loved and enjoyed playing with them. We kept you a puppy and named her Bonnie, for the past 7 years you have looked after her and guided her, you were so proud of her.Lets not forget Molly the mother of Bonnie, although you had your ups and downs you both loved each other, You have left Bonnie and Molly behind which makes them sad but one day in Doggy heaven you will be reunited. Not forgetting puppy Riley who only had 2 months with you, I know you would of been a brilliant foster Daddy for him. I hope you are a peace now my loyal dog, we will never forget you Lucky. Always in our hearts and memories forever. xxx

Dave Fellows - Owner