Missing my grombo more than words can say.

Gromit (Grombo). You was born on 24th December 2008 and went to doggie heaven on 7th September 2016, I went to look at some puppies that were 6weeks old.
You instantly captured my heart, mentI knew instantly that our life together meant to be.
At 12 weeks old I took you home with me and you made my heart shine.
We spent 7yrs and 9months together before lymphoma took you away from me far to early.
Watching you slowly lose weight and seeing your tummy all swollen up made me cry so much.
Eventually making you not be able to stand up properly without falling over, but still you wagged your tail and give me the most sloppiest licks ever.
I could'nt watch my best friend slowly deteriorate in front of me even though you still could eat and drink.
We had our ups and downs over the years we were together, But we loved each other to pieces..I miss you so much Gromit..Please forgive me for sending you to doggie heaven, You ment the world to me..I got your ashes back today. And it broke my heart, But so happy you are back home in spirit..Part of me went with you, I love you so much.And i know we will meet again. Thank you for 7 and a half beautiful years. Love you always...xxxxx...ps. Thank you to PCS for the lovely attension in delivering him back home to us.

Daddy and Tia - Owner
Missing my grombo more than words can say.