Remembrance Book - In loving memory of MY BABY GIRL LUCY

13.8.2001-02.09.2015 may you R.I.P. Lucy. You will always be in my heart and loved forever,the day you felt me as we lay on the floor your head in my lap looking at me with your lovely brown eyes [Billy said you looked happy as if you felt your time had come] you gave me a kiss goodbye and off you went I lay with you crying my heart out, we wrapped you up in your blanket so you would feel safe and we sat with you saying goodbye and telling you how much we loved you and always would, you may be gone in your body but I know you are still here with me in my heart and in your 11yr old puppies, dopey and scruffy. No one will ever take your place in my heart and hope you have found your dear friend Mr Sootie. I hope what I did was the best thing for you as the 2 vets said it was, you couldn't walk without falling to the floor anymore I just couldn't let you be in pain or unhappy so please my baby girl forgive me and I just hope it was the best thing for you [i know it wasn't for me but you had to come first] WE WILL MISS YOU TILL WE MEET AGAIN MY BABY I LOVE YOU XXX

MUMMY - Owner