My Best Friend - Kymba Walker

An excellent example of a GSD - handsome, intelligent, competed in obedience, agility and tracking; never failed me once. Could take him anywhere, we travelled the length and breadth of the UK, even had his own tent for camping. Although he had a typical shepherd menacing look, he was one big softy. In latter years, the head was willing, but the body naturally just could not keep up.
I had a bond with this dog closer than any other I have owned, unconditional love reciprocated, I believe. He never once caused me concern.
Kymba's passing has left a huge hole, the house is empty without his presence. I can honestly say I could not have been more proud of this super super dog and continue to miss him dearly.
Rest in peace, my furry baby. I hope these words give dignity befitting such a wonderful faithful dog.

beverley walker - Owner
My Best Friend - Kymba Walker