Remembrance Book - In loving memory of My darling Poppy

You were born on Poppy day in 2008 and came into my home and stole my heart in January 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand. We hunted golf balls, chased rabbits and walked by the sea. We travelled the South Island, saw glaciers rivers and mountains together and you came with me to England. You were only 8 when you were tragically struck by that awful illness that sent you to wait at the rainbow bridge for me.
You were an example of a true friend when I needed you most.
You blitzed through life like a shooting star, bright and shining - extinguished too soon.
As the Maori say - Hine e Hine (Little girl, Darling Girl) sleep until that morning comes when we walk in sunlight once more.

Ian Clark - Owner
My darling Poppy