Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Noah

To my most precious boy and soulmate Noah. I will always dread 23rd November - The day you had to leave me.....One year on it is no easier. It is devastating to think that the one who gave me the best memories is now becoming a memory....After one long, year without you by my side I am still heartbroken without you. All I have left now are pictures and videos of you. I will FOREVER remember the time we spent together - Memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life - Our walks in the forests, us sitting on the mountain top without a care in the world, you playing in the streams, chilly autumn morning walks, you playing in the snow, you digging for miles and "meeces" in the fields, Christmas and birthdays ...Every second together I will NEVER forget - Just like I will NEVER forget you....EVER. I WISH we could just have just one more walk together....Just one more catch, just one more minute....But I can't. Miss you Noah, more than words. Until we meet again, Your broken hearted Mum and companion X
Raina - Broken hearted Mum