Osocool Lord of the Dance (Aka Rags)


Our beautiful blue-eyed Ragdoll boy who never wanted to be a posh indoor cat – instead he insisted on living by HIS rules and ignored whatever was written in the books.

You came into our lives unexpectedly 14½ years ago and shared our lives, our home and stole our hearts. A gentle, loving, laid-back cat who cuddled up to us at night so that we fell asleep to the sound of your deep lion purr. No push-over though; when you wanted to go out in the middle of the night you won the argument with your loud raucous shouts which forced us into submission and over-ruled our protests. How many times did you come back in soaked from rain only to jump back onto our bed for another cuddle smelling like a wet sheepskin rug?

Your sense of fun, your beautiful blue eyes that mirrored your soul, a soft silky coat the texture of cotton-wool. You only eat to live but never lived to eat and so remained a slim muscular cat despite our efforts to tempt you with tasty treats. A trusting loving friend to us and all the many other cats who have shared our home throughout the years. We could go on forever about a cat unlike any other that we have ever known.

Sadly that ravages of time have taken their toll and your little kidneys ceased to function. We could (and would) have cared for you until the end but we knew how very poorly and unhappy you had become. We also knew that what lay ahead for you was yet more suffering until your little body could take no more. We loved you too much, and with and broken and heavy hearts we made the decision to end your suffering on 5 Sept 2015. We were with you to the end and keep you with us always in our hearts.

Rest in peace our beautiful boy, and if there is such a place as Rainbow Bridge, please be there waiting for us.

Love and cuddles from your human friends Janet and Bob who miss you so much, and from your feline friends Bumble, Mitten, Momoke, Sweep, Bumper, Little Man and Tabtab. xxxxxxxxx

Janet and Bob - Owner
Osocool Lord of the Dance (Aka Rags)