Our baby girl.. xxxxx

Since you have left us, Babe, we've not stopped crying and thinking of you. Mrs Pots has been on a hunger strike but peeking up again slowly, And Luna went and looked for you in the garden the day you left home and is keeping Mrs pots on her toes. You've left this old tough guy heartbroken my girl...! 
You were there for me when I had no one or nothing and always remained Loyal and never left my side. I must admit the slobber is not missed though ha ha ha....
But if I could bring you home and have a hug and rub your old belly I'd do it in a blink of an eye. I'm little more at ease now your home again though and next to our bed...

Thank you to Our vets and PCS for a fantastic service from the day god called you up to play... love you babe xxxxx

Brett Dyer - Owner
Our baby girl.. xxxxx