"Our Beautiful Little Lady" SHEBA

"Our Beautiful Little Lady" SHEBA R.I.P 17.2.02 - 21.01.16

It's been a year since a heart of gold stopped beating & every day we have missed our little lady more than words can say. The house is never the same without you & coming home when you were not there was hard.
Sheba was a loving staffie a great companion and best friend for nearly 14 years. All the children in our family all grew up knowing this loving bundle of fun and have missed her deeply.
There was 10 years between Sheba and our "Little man " Nero, but she allowed him into her home and he loved her like his mum. He missed and cried for her for a long while after.
Time is a healer but you never forget the ones that have touched our hearts and they leave a paw print on your soul forever.
Until we meet again "Sheba deba do" wait for me over that Rainbow Bridge.
Love Always from all the family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jacqui murty - Owner