Remembrance Book - In loving memory of our beloved oscar

To oscie, we miss you pup so so much and am finding it very difficult to deal with mookie,you were the light in our lives you were such a funny boy and made us laugh,i hope you are in rainbow bridge boy and having fun but also hope you can see us too.i know you tried to fight on and try your hardest to get better but it was just too much mock mock and we did what was best for you and ended your pain,you were the best friend companion I have ever had and miss you so much,you are so special and one of a kind son,you loved your walks and we loved them too because we were with you,im so sorry you had to go like you did I never wanted to see that for you and we tried as hard as you to get you better,you left such a big hole in our lives pup,we will see you again when our time comes and have fun till we meet again,love you always moo moo, love xxxxxxxxxxx 

daddy, mummy, lewis, liam - Owner
our beloved oscar