Our Bonzer Boy

In your wild youth, you were well regarded as a lover not a fighter and were affectionately known by many names including "The Pups Nuts, Humpty, Bonking Bonzer and Social Menace".

As you matured, you remained a lady's man, giving any female the look of love and a quick nibble of the ear. You were always our puppy, although the names you were known by changed to, "Mr B, B, Bonz, Bonzer 'T' Dog, Chuck, Big Fella, Bubba B, Hunky Hound Hog and Handsome Fella in the Yella".

You were a little battler, always surprising everyone around you (including the Vets), by fighting all the illnesses and conditions that were thrown at you all of your short life. Sadly, your last battle with Cancer was one battle too many for you and we lost you on Monday 11 August 2014, at just 12 years young.

We can't believe that you're not here and will never understand why you were taken from us so quickly, as you were the happiest and healthiest that you have been in a long time.

No amount of words can express how much you meant to us and how much we loved you. The house is empty without our special brave little man and you have left a big hole in our hearts, that nothing can or will ever fill. We are lost without you.

Our special game which we all loved playing was, "Where's Bonzer, Where's Bonzer.......There's Bonzer". We keep on looking for you but you're not here anymore. One day we will find you and all be together again. 

Love you lots, love you more than anything and you will always be forever in our hearts.


Katherine, Daddy and Michael - Owner
Our Bonzer Boy