Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Patch

Patch was a 16 year old male Jack Russell dog who sadly passed away on 30/10/2023. Patch and myself travelled all over the UK staying in Hotels and guest houses, going for long walks along the beaches and always waiting on me throwing his ball in the sea. Patch was a very lively dog who was always ready to go anywhere at anytime pulling me along in one hand while I was trailing my suitcase in the other (That helped getting us to our destinations). Patch always looked forward to a train journey travelling up and down the isles getting all the attention from the passengers. Patch became unwell a couple of years ago losing use of his back legs but with with a strong will and mind from us both, Patch in a few months made a recovery and was out again getting his walks. Our last travel was in the summer 2023 where Patch and I travelled to Milton Keynes staying in Hotels until our moving in date of our new home. Sadly after a few months Patch had passed away and it was the most heartbreaking thing I had ever occurred, we had done so much together, I even done projects from home over the years so Patch was never left out or alone. Patch will be sadly missed by myself (Paul Dad) and all of the family too, his character will never be replaced and may he have a peaceful and happy life in heaven. (Miss You) xx

Paul Lynes - Dad & Best Friend