We sadly lost Pebbles on 15th November. We are now left with an emptiness in our hearts and our home. She was a happy dog who was treat obsessed! She would whine at me every night tricking me into thinking she needed to go outside when in fact she wanted me to get up and get her a chicken and egg twister! She loved her squeaky toys and would chew them until they burst, upon which she had no further interest in them. 

She loved to play fight with me at the top of the stairs which would often end in her believing she had earned yet another treat! She had a personality all of her own and was quite the madam which made me love her even more. 

I am going to miss her, and can't believe that my most loyal friend has gone. A piece of me won't ever be the same now all I have are memories of my precious little nugget. 

One day I will be with you again Pebs, so sit tight until that day comes when we're back together, only this time our time together will be forever. X

Kelley Barrington - Owner