Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Pebbles - Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit

Pebbles (Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit) was our first family pet rabbit, and had a wonderful life with us from 4 May 2015 to 27 June 2020. Our daughter Piper, bought Pebbles as a baby from Adlington Pet Shop on the day before Piper's 11th Birthday on 4 May 2015. Pebbles (probably 2 months old) had only been at our home for 1-2 days, when she decided she to slip under our plastic-wire net enclosure and escape from her backyard to next door - which luckily was Piper's and Connor's Grandparent's backyard - and was quickly rescued! After that one escape, Pebbles never left her backyard. Pebbles had a special rabbit cage, which had it's door open all the time (other then when we had to leave the house for a while), so she had free run of the entire back yard throughout the day. She made lots of friends with wild birds (who would happily hop about next to Pebbles), she hopped about (and sometimes sprinted about very, very fast!), she ate well as the occasional carrot peelings and grapes), she dug holes (which sometimes extended to over a metre underground!) and she'd hop up to us for a pat or hugs. Pebbles liked it whenever we'd play cricket, football or badminton in the garden, and she would never flinch or move as balls and shuttlecocks flew in her direction. She especially liked it on a sunny day, when we had the recliner chairs out and while we were in the chairs, she would be underneath them in the shade either happily eating the green grass or stretched out peacefully. Piper loved it whenever Pebbles danced around her feet ready to be picked up and hugged - of course Piper would always be happy to do so. We all loved Pebble's 'happy hops' and skips when she was happy, especially when she was first let outside each day. Then as each day dimmed, she would happily hop inside our house, and make a bee-line for the special pellets hidden inside the straw (a special treat to welcome her inside), then eat fresh straw (whenever we ate dinner, Pebbles liked to eat straw from her container at the same time) and drink water. Then, when she was ready, Pebble's would hop over to her special bed to enjoy a few more pellets (carefully placed inside her bed). After that, she would wash herself (and look adorable as she washed her ears!) and nestle inside her special and very comfortable bed. In the cooler months, Pebbles liked her bed next to the fire in our lounge room, where she was so very happy and relaxed - and she loved it when wood was added to the fire - as she knew it would be warmer for another hours or so. In the warmer months, she liked her bed next to the back doors, so she could see the birds fly in and out - especially at first light, before she joined them at about 7am each day. As a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit, Pebbles was supposed to be 'shy and aloof', but she loved us all - and especially her pats and cuddles. Pebbles especially loved Piper's pats and tender hugs - and the way Piper said "I love you" to her so many times each day. Pebbles also loved that Connor would pat Pebbles before he went to bed - for up to an hour every night. Pebbles was happy and healthy right up to when she passed away so very suddenly and quickly. Pebbles you were our special bundle of happiness and joy. We love you and we miss you - and you will always have a very special place in our hearts. Goodbye our beautiful Pebbs. From Piper, Connor, Jeremy & Carol xxx
Piper, Connor, Jeremy, Carol - Owner
Pebbles - Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit