Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Poppy

Dear Poppy, You were the best dog in the whole world. We didn't get to know as a puppy as you joined our family at nearly 5 years old. We took a risk having you as we only had some info about your character and past. But that choice was the best we could of ever made. We won the lottery as you fitted right into our lives and so well behaved too. We loved you till you were just over 13 and letting you go was the hardest thing we had to do. Even though you concealed your pain for a while in the end it was obvious it was too much to bear. My poem for you won't nearly enough say how much you'll be missed but I hope you run now pain free and warm in heaven. All our love, Gem, Kev, Callum, Jessica & Logan. Our in the background Poppy. Always under our feet. Being in the places most inconvenient for a sleep. The house is far too empty. There's certainly not enough hair. The fridge door opens, toast goes pop and without fail your always there. You came to us so friendly. So good, kind and true. You really are the most special dog that we're struggling without you. Seeing you grow older, seeing you start to fade. Your becoming weaker as your body began to age. We could see it coming. We knew this day would come. Then it came without warning. You'd been suffering for so long. You were hiding how you were feeling. You slept allot that is true. We had to checked out frequently We so worried about you. Then there it was, as plain as day what was going on. Although you showed us too late exactly what was wrong. You've left a paw print on our hearts that's never going fade. With your friends you'll be until we can meet again. We'll miss our big dog Poppy, our blondy golden girl. We'll miss your eagerness to be fed, your love in our world. Most of all I'll miss the times that you would creep upstairs. I'll miss drying you from the rain Your never ending mass of hair. You always loved a tummy scratch. Your reaction said 'please don't stop'. I wish that I could do this now. We love so much Pops

Gemma Phillips - Mum, owner