Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Riley (Ry Ry)

Our darling Riley words can’t describe how much we’re missing you my boy , Riley was not like other dogs , Riley was a baby always had to have a teddy with him wherever he went to comfort him , he had the most beautiful face he really was just like a big teddy himself , he’s now reunited with his brother Murphy who I’m sure is so happy to see him and will look after him for us run free my baby you and Murphy behave yourselves we will look after missie for you she misses you so so much as we all do our loyal boy 13 years of your love and a life time of missing you , we love you ry ry sleep well my boy love always mummy , daddy , Demi , Steph , miley , Montana , Hunter and brody xxxxx
Demi - Owner
Riley (Ry Ry)