Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Rosie Roo

Rosie, you were my happiest hello and my hardest goodbye. You have gave us the best 15 years. I miss you deeply roo the children do too. It's been hard to call our house home without you. What we would give for one more cuddle, bark, walk, jingle of your collar, paws taping as you walk. I hope you are pain free beautiful girl, running free above the clouds. Saying goodbye to you broke me and I'm not sure I will ever get over that but I spoke to you and cuddled you in my arms right to the very end. I will cherish our every cuddle even the ones once your were gone. I'm so sorry girl but I couldn't watch you struggle anymore. The children have struggled without you but your memory will absolutely never be forgotten and live on forever. Hope your chasing cheese burgers and nuggets bean. My fur baby with many nick names is free from pain. My dobbie is free. We love you dearly Rosie, you may not be physically here with us but you will always be apart of us. Love for ever and always roo, love your family, The Lewis Family. XX
Naomi - Owner
Rosie Roo