Shastipari Namabel Blackburn

Shastipari life's journey was only short and spared us precious little time together.
Our relationship together was short but more than special, your cuteness captured everyone's heart, your strong personality gave you strength to challenge your inherited illness. Your determination to live and bravery in life allowed life's extension of our special relationship during which your love and gratitude radiated your darkest and saddest moments.
Shastipari our special little flower lent for a very special reason leaves precious memories in the hearts of all who knew her.
 Shastipari shines the light of peace at rest with your father Zenith Silas and brother Arjuna Zikomo Star.
Cuddles and love forever Your Mum &your feline friend Romeo XX

Jennifer Blackburn - Owner
Shastipari Namabel Blackburn