Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Siande

Dear Siande, as I held you gently in my arms before having to let you go over the rainbow bridge, I let you know how very special you were, how loved you were, and how much you would be missed by Aisha, Sally and me.  I hoped you would know how much you were loved .    I tried to let you know how I had tried so hard to make you well but that I wasn’t able.  I spoke to you about all the love and laughter you had brought to my life and that you were the perfect pet, perfect cat xx I let you know how you would always be right next to and in my heart forever and how I would always carry a piece of you with me.  I will always remember you and though my heart breaks for you right now I will try to hold onto all those happy and treasured memories, remember you are no longer suffering and at peace and how you had over 16yrs of perfect health.  I love you my sweet baby girl and I will miss that little paw of yours tapping ever so gently on my lip when you wanted a fuss made of you.  Sweet dreams baby girl.  Mummy Xxx


R.I.P. Siande 12.05.2007-19.10.2023 

Sarah jonsson - Siande’s Mum