Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Skye

You chose us, 14 years ago. And not a day has gone by where we havent had an adventure together..From camping to mountain climbing to a simple walk around the local lake to collecting your brother from school . You have enriched our families life. And we are so proud to have called you our girl ... even if you were a bit of a ganit and ate my kitchen and flooring when you were teething as a pup ... So seeing you unable to move and in pain broke my heart. The way you looked at me told me it was time ... I hated every single second of having to see you taken from me ... But I would never want you to suffer. Sleep well my darling, till you hear me call your name again, on the day I come to join you . Love always Mum n Dad, Pops n Maggie, Jamie n Jack , Stella n Gypsi XXXXXXXX
Lou & Phil Rushin - Mum n Dad