Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Slinky Cola (AKA Stink)

Our little black pussycat was rescued from Cats Protection in 2018 at age 11. He was very loved and our main focus. He was lovely with the Guinea pigs. He suffered colitis and had been abandoned twice (probably for pooing on the carpet too many times) so we wanted him to feel well, safe, secure and loved. We're so honoured that he came to retire with us. He had a heated blanket for his arthritis and a lovely bed and favourite food which kept his tummy as well as possible. We had to rescue him countless times from the garden of number 61 during the first lockdown as a cat would appear on the fence and he was too afraid to come home. From the moment we got you home, whenever we stroked you, you'd always flop onto your right side and stretched out for a full body stroke. We always called this "plopperty-plop." You had a funny distinctive vibrating meow which I have recordings of. You loved being cuddled like a baby and have your tummy rubbed and you'd straighten your legs right out as I did it, and place a paw on my face. Even as you were so very poorly in the vets, you still put your paw on my face as I rubbed your tummy for the last time, and your paw was all bandaged up around the cannula. You left this world in the arms of someone who loved you so immeasurably and deeply and unconditionally. I love you my stink. RIP forever.
Nicola & Steve - Owner
Slinky Cola (AKA Stink)