The one and only "Mr Bee"

Oh Mr Bee, my majestic tubby Tabby. I can't believe you're actually gone!

You were such a presence in our house and it feels so empty now. I feel so alone without you. You were my rock. You were by my side in the darkest times when no one else was. The hole you have left in my heart is immeasurable and can't be filled. It feels broken!

13.5 years ago we stumbled across you as a lonely feral kitten in a cow shed fighting for life. We took you into our home and you flourished there, being bottle fed at first until you had firmly embedded yourself into our hearts! 

Such a character, "talking back" if I told you off for scratching my chairs! or clipping my ankles as I dared to walk past without stopping to fuss you. Even serenading me as you brought me your favourite toy mouse to throw for you.

You were a real celebrity too - everyone from the postman to house visitors revered you. You never dropped your feral streak and would intimidate all who dared invade your territory...(remember the time you climbed inside the estate agents briefcase and refused to leave when she had her next appointment) 

Yet with us, you were different, so gentle, so funny, so empathic. You and I connected on a level that surpasses species. You were more than a "cat". 

I will always remember you tubb. And when I can bear to say my final goodbye I will sprinkle your ashes under your favourite bush in the garden, where you can watch happily over our family as we grow. 

Im sorry I had the boys in your old age. I know you didn't appreciate the chaos and tail pulling! But they miss you too - Max thinks your in the sky flying a helicopter and Reuben still looks for you under the stairs, where you would be every night before bed...

I will have to live with the guilt of ending your life. It came so quickly and I couldn't bear the thought that you were suffering. I'm so sorry my darling, please forgive me xxxx

I don't know what I believe happens after death. But I know you were loved and I gave you the best life I could. (Which was more of a life than you would have had in that cow shed). 

Thank you for your unconditional love, affection and companionship. I've never known that before and I will cherish it forever xxx

So go chase some butterflies with Baggles and be free of suffering my special boy :)

Yours, eternally, xxxxxxxxxxxx

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The one and only