Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Toots

Goodbye my toots after rescueing u at just before 2 yrs old i never in my life thought that id be without you! you was always by my side you was with me through 3 out of my 6 pregnancys you was my thearpy dog and my best friend i never felt alone you was with me 24/7 i gave you the best life i could and im sorry that you are no longer with us but bby girl your pain free now and finally able to rest over at rainbow bridge we all miss you so sooo much and i know ull be missing us too you really will forever be my one and only i will never forget you and the love loyalty and joy you brought throughtout the 10 yrs we had you i love you and miss u love Cherie and the kids xxxx
Cherie - Owner/best friend