Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Tortie Fluffy-Botham (aka “Monkey”)

My darling Tortie, you turned up in my garden fourteen years ago, tiny, ferocious and starving. You wouldn’t let me touch you and wouldn’t come in the house, so I had no choice but to leave you with lots of food outside while I went away for a week. I came back and there you were. You dashed in the door and didn’t go outside again for about three weeks! Gradually you started to trust me and became such a lap cat. The first time you snuggled your little face into my neck I was overjoyed! My beautiful angel, I think you saved me more than I saved you. I love and miss you so much. Thank you for finding me and choosing me everyday. Thank you for all the love you gave me. This house is empty without you. My brave, sweet love. Rest in peace. XxX
Caroline - Mummy
Tortie Fluffy-Botham (aka “Monkey”)