Vera was a very special cat. She had the sweetest nature.
She was a home-loving cat. She never wanted to go out much and when she did she always stayed within a few feet of the door. She never once strayed outside of my garden.
She always knew when it was bedtime.She would be waiting for me and come and lay across my shoulder with her head resting against mine.After a while, she would go to her own blanket beside my pillow and there she would spend the night.
A few weeks ago Vera became very ill.I tried my very best to make her well, taking her to the vet so many times.I even changed vets to get a second opinion. To no avail.Eventually she had great difficulty walking but even then she would still try to get to her litter tray, but in the end, she just couldn't manage it.I lifted her onto my bed and made her as comfortable as I could.I knew the end was close.I lay next to her, put my arm around her and told her how much I loved her.Later that day we made the final trip to the vet.I held her for one last time and told her again I loved her.
On 6 November 2015 Vera died.
Today I brought Vera's ashes home.Now we are together again.I cry a little most days. Today I cried a lot. I am crying writing this.
I loved you very much Vera and I shall never forget you.You will be in my thoughts and in my heart forever.
I know we will meet again.

John Wakeman - Owner