Meet the Pets

As fellow animal lovers, we would love to introduce you to some of the pets of the team here at PCS...


Owner: Simon - Area Manager

Blue is an energic Spaniel who is best described as a lunatic! Blue loves going for long walks and playing with toys.


Owner: Mark - Safety, Health & Environmental Manager

Bob the cat loves having a fuss and cuddle. He also likes to sit quietly and watch the world go by. Especially when he can find a sunny spot to lie down and relax in!

Bobby and Bella

Owner: Glenn - Managing Director

Meet Bobby the cat and Bella the English Sheep Dog who, despite being unlikely friends, love to sit together and get on really well! 


Owner: Jade - Office Administrator

Such a gentle innocent little cat. Who loves nothing more than cuddles and snuggles.


Owner: Jade - Office Administrator

My big Toffee pudding. Quite possibly the naughtiest cat who ever lived. I wouldn’t change her for the world!!


Poppy & Bobby

Owner: Michelle & Alan - Office Administrator & Site Manager

They love being in the sun. Alan loves them more than his wife Michelle!!!



Owner: Julie - Quality Control Co-ordinator

Meet Billy, a 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel. He may be a bit daft but he is very loving and enjoys having cuddles. Billy is also a lover of all things food!


Owner: Julie - Quality Control Co-ordinator

Meet Heidi, a 3 legged rescue who has found her forever home through her foster family. She loves playing, chasing squirrels and stealing Billy the Cocker Spaniel's food!


Owner: Gemma - Office Administrator

This is my 2-year-old rescue Bella, clearly, a cat but plays fetch like a dog! Loves tummy rubs, loves putting her head under the tap. When she comes in from the rain she cries at her towel to be dried. Just Bonkers!!



Owner: Danielle - Operations Manager

Jessie the Springer Spaniel loves to sleep and snores loudly whilst doing so! Jessie would do anything to play with a tennis ball non-stop and loves playing on the beach and swimming in the sea.


Owner: Paul - Head of Sales and Customer Care

It is with great sadness we lost our little man Louis. Its said time is a great healer, this is going to take us a while xxx


Owner: Jan - Office Manager

Meet Oakley. The dog who loves lying in a box! When not in a box, Oakley loves long walks, playing with a ball and taking long naps.


Owner: Bev - Office Administrator

Tess is a very sweet and faithful companion. She enjoys a lot of sleep and cuddles. Tess also loves chasing seagulls on her beach holidays. When she's at home, Tess likes to try and chase rabbits and squirrels. But much to her dismay, she can't seem to catch them!