Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Silvia

Silvia, you came into our lives 6 years ago. We have all loved you from the day we met. You were such a character from walking along the windowsill with a wonky head to avoid knocking off ornaments to you being obsessed with making the bed each day. We remember how you'd jump up on one of the dining chairs then jump from chair to chair when you didn't want anyone to pick you up. You were very brave when bigger animals were around you even though you were so tiny. You were the cutest rabbit any family could wish to have. We all miss you. You were loved very much from your hoomans Debbie, Andrew, Charlotte, Adam and Michael and your husband (remember when Michael completed a service to marry you and Noah). He's lost without you and wonders where you've gone. The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. With all our love sleep tight little one.
Debbie - Human mum