Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Wolf

The day I received the sad news about my beautiful pup that shattered my world forever. I remember when I first saw him, at first I didn’t noticed that he had a tear mark to his ear and a scar along his nose but however I chose him from the litter as he was sat by himself in the corner while all the others jumped up all over me. I chose this boy because i saw something in him that i instinctively knew that this boy needed love and care. I took him home after the long 8 hour journey and back, gave him EVERYTHING he needed in life. Love, socks, bed, more love, more socks... But something was wrong, he drank a lot of water, which isn't always unusual when training and eating treats, this can be thirsty work after all. But, the thirsty behaviour became more frequent and not just in training. He had a bad tummy frequently, but again this can happen to pups. Tried different foods just in case of allergies but nothing was really apparent. Sadly, he became more lethargic and stopped eating. With a visit to the vets and blood tests later, it was confirmed that my beautiful 5 month old Wolf had kidney disease. A disease that was not going to go away, a disease that ended my beautiful dog's life too soon. He had a short but brilliant life with our family. I loved him more than anything in the world.Our family miss you Wolf. He truly was beautiful. And I loved him

Furkan - Father