Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Ziggy

Ziggy 19/11/2011-11/06/2023 We miss you beautiful boy!! You were such a happy, playful, cheeky, clever member of our family. You loved the sun and sunbathing, you loved the snow and snowball fights, you hated the rain and baths! You were neighbour watch looking out of the window at everyone going by only distracted by the sound of the fridge opening (anything for me) or the squeak of a toy (playtime)! You thought you were still little, tried to fit in the smallest spaces and had a habit of lying in doorways. Your side-eye was so funny- the way you used to stare so we would get off the sofa and you would get on! You loved your food, loved opening your presents on birthdays and at Christmas and you loved your best friend Cooper who misses you lots. The remote control and everyone’s sliders still bear your teeth marks from when you took them up the garden- we knew where to find anything that was missing!! You were a real character and the pain of you not being here now is immense but just to let you know we all loved you so much and will never ever forget you! Sleep tight Zig. Lots of love and hugs and kisses Mum, Dad, Kayleigh, Colm, James and Emilia. XXXXXX

Caroline Parrott - Owner