Code of Practice

Code of Practice

  1. Each of the PCS crematoriums offers a dignified cremation or burial facility for companion animals. This may be either directly to the public or through a veterinary practice.
  2. Each PCS crematorium & cemetery is fully licensed and inspected by their local authority and regional environment agency.
  3. PCS carry out open, honest and ethical business and will answer all enquiries and inspections from the public.
  4. All PCS cemeteries carry out burials in identifiable plots. Your visiting rights to your pet's grave will be subject to the agreed conditions of the cemetery.
  5. Any scattering or internment of your pet's ashes at our facilities will be dependent on the license conditions attached to each site by local authority and the regional environment agency.
  6. Each PCS crematorium will ensure that you the pet owner fully understand the various services that we offer and that you receive the service you request in full.
  7. In providing either a cremation or burial service PCS ensures that companion animals are treated in a dignified and caring manner whilst in our care.

The following cremation services will be offered by each PCS crematorium.

Individual Cremation Option

Your pet will be cremated alone within a clean enclosed chamber. Following the cremation all of the cremains will be carefully collected before the next cremation can commence. Clients are guaranteed that the cremains they receive or are placed into our memorial garden will be all and only those of their beloved pet.

Standard Communal Cremation Option

A small number of pets will be cremated together. As there is no separation of pets in this process, you will not receive any cremains back from a communal cremation. All cremains of the communal cremations will first be cremulated then either stored or scattered only within the grounds of the PCS crematoriums and cemeteries. Unfortunatly this is not permited in Scotland at present by SEPA so a small proportion will be collected and stored as a mark of respect.

For your assurance we are happy to provide a certificate of cremation. Just ask your veterinary practice to request one.