Below are a few testimonials for PCS, kindly provided by some of our clients. We value any feedback so please contact us if you would like to comment on our services.

Your services were recommended by our vets. Thank you for taking care of our dog CHARLIE after he was put to sleep and for your kind words when I phoned to ask when his ashes will be returned to me.

Lynn Tunnicliffe - Owner, for your kind words

Thank you for taking care of Mr Cato. We are grateful for the cremation certificate and his fur that you kindly placed in the envelope for us to have as a keepsake, which I picked up from Broomhill vets today.

Caroline gracey - Owner, Thank you for taking care of Mr Cato

I was so glad that through my vet practice I was able to have the chance to use your services which having now just collected my pets ashes were excellent. 

Tricia - Owner, just collected my pets ashes were excellent

Thank you for taking care of our precious cat Shooey, we have his ashes home where he belongs.

Michelle Robinson - Owner, We have his ashes home where he belongs

I have recently just receive my Wilson's ashes back from the vets and although it was a very hard time for me and my family having him back and the kind words sent from PCS sent comfort. Thank you xx

Catherine Mccluskey - Owner, PCs sent comfort

Want to thank pcs for allowing us to share the love and care we had for our cat bruce thank you so much it does help so much xxx 

James - Owner, thank you so much

Thank you for sending my Sam off to doggie heaven. He is now back with us, where he belongs

Tracey Gold - Pet Owner, He is now back with us

Amazing thing you do for us pet owners I don't think I could of got through today without the beautiful effort you put in for my boy Bentley. Jody from Doncaster who dealt with me today, I couldn't thank you enough. Take care.

Jody Brackenbury - Pet Owner, Amazing thing you do for us pet owners

Thank you for allowing us to show our wonderfull and sadly missed pets . 

Susan Pilmore - Pet Owner, Sadly missed pets

I would like to thank Pets Crematorium Services at Doncaster. Especially Jodie for her help & kind understanding. She reassured me of everything & put my mind at rest. Thank you Jodie I know that my little Bobby was in safe hands & is free of the pain & suffering he endured. Best regards Janet Easton.

Janet Easton - Pet Owner, Thank you Jodie

 Thank you for taking care of our babby boy misty. 

Sandra Hambrier - Pet Owner, Thank you


Myself and my beautiful bunny Wilbert who had passed away were given the most dignified, kind and most importantly compassionate approach towards his death and the wishes I wanted for him. We arrived on a whim prior to a phone call where I had asked for the cremation to be stopped because I panicked and would have ideally liked his pawprint to be taken and I had gotten upset it was all happening too fast and PCS were absolutely fantastic, they totally understood why I felt the way I did and when I was talking to the lovely lady who was letting me know what had happened so far, she was incredibly supportive and surpassed all my expectations! They even got my much longed for footprint despite him only having tiny feet. They were adament that because I was so desperate to have that memento they would achieve it for me but all the time I was checking that Wilbert wasn't being made undignified and the whole time being reassured he was being treated with upmost respect. You could really see the angels that do their jobs there take pride in it. I was offered a lock of Wilbert's hair which I accepted and it was all these little extra things they thought of, like giving me the blue cross number to talk to someone if I needed to, that made the experience special. I mean from start to finish the whole team were unbelievable. I could not have found a better place to trust my lovely boy with in his final time here. I have such faith in them, I'm so happy he was in their hands in the end. Thank you.

Marley-Belle Quaid - Pet Owner, The whole team were unbelievable