Below are a few testimonials for PCS, kindly provided by some of our clients. We value any feedback so please contact us if you would like to comment on our services.

Thank you for your compassion on the day - yesterday Monday 27th July 2020) and your service. On calling to arrange and calling with many questions before hand you always were very helpful and kind. I was able to have Lulu cremated the same day as she was put to sleep, this was brilliant as I didnt want her left at the vets in a freezer and has made the grieving easier to handle to know she is at rest, I had an individual cremation which i wanted for her, this helps me know I have only her remains back. Many thanks for your great service at this difficult time

Laura knowles - Owner, Many thanks for your great service

Excellent service. Picked my dogs ashes up from the vets and was not expecting such a beautiful casket, and definatly wasnt expecting his name engraved on it either. Its just beautiful. Also a little certificate in to reassure you that it was an individual cremation. Thank you so much.

Kayleigh Saxon - Owner, Excellent service

Thank you for all your help, staff are really kind and helpful. Thank you for your time.

Denise Wyatt - Owner, Staff are really kind and helpful

Thank you so much for allowing me to remember our dog it means that every time I post I feel closer to him has I miss him so much my life is empty without our dog. But you make my life complete when I can put a Remembrance message in. Thank you so much

Sharon Oates - Owner, Thank you

Irvine PCS, Staff are fantastic and very caring with allowing you as much time as you need to say your final goodbyes to your loving pet. Items for ashes are absolutely lovely and lots to choose from. Service was great and we thank you all.

Anthony Adams - Owner, Staff are fantastic

Jody Allen you an absolute diamond! I honestly cannot thank you and the team at PCS in Doncaster enough. Gizmo is back home with me, his Dad where he belongs. You were recommended to me by a friend as there is no one she trusts when she has lost pets in the past. I am now of the same mind set. The difference you have made to me now my wingman is back home, in his beautiful frame means so much. You were so caring and compassionate and the world would be a much darker place when someone suffers the loss of a pet, without you in it. Thank you!  Jack

Jack Waddington - Owner, You were so caring and compassionate

Beautiful service for my baby boy, could never thank you enough just to know he was treated with such care and dignity.

Jeanette Kay - Owner, Beautiful service

Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided for our beloved cavalier Poppy. We are delighted with her casket and glad to have her home.

Susan & Phil Simpson - Owner, Excellent Service

Can't recommend enough, communication is outstanding, as in their professionalism. From the moment our beloved Benji arrived with them, to the moment we received his ashes back, I cannot fault them at all. The finish on his casket was professional and beautifully presented.

TARA O'BRIEN - Owner, Communication is outstanding

Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided for our beloved cavalier Poppy. We are delighted with her casket and glad to have her home.

Sue and Phil Simpson - Owner, Excellent Service

Having just been along to the vets to collect my girl, I would like to thank PCS for the lovely little thoughtful touches. From the Certificate, Beautiful presentation box & bag to the lovely flower. Means a lot, Thank you so much!

Ms Carla Clarke - Owner, Lovely thoughful touches

Thank you for everything, Blue is now back home where he belongs, from all of the Bone family, his son Baily, and his 2 furry sisters Candy (Patterdale) and Sherbet (Chihuahua)

Theresa Bone - Owner, Thank you for everything