Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Freddy

We lost my beautiful, unique, one in a trillion boy in February 2021. Our lives will never again be the same. The soul has gone from the home and the light in our hearts has gone out. We are gutted, heartbroken and shocked, but pleased at the same time knowing he is finally at peace, sleeping well and not suffering in any way. Hopefully he has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge and found Hadley, Coco, Merlin, my grandads and my nan and is having a fantastic time playing ball, playing with his frisbee and running as fast as he can to his heart's content. We will never ever forget his playful ways, funny quirks and characteristics and our amazing memories with him. 16 years felt like 16 minutes and I would give absolutely anything to hold his paw again or stroke his fur or watch him bounce off down the road with his cream bum in the air and his tail wagging wildly! No amount of time would ever have been enough with him. We would always want more. Sleep tight baby boy. We will miss you forever. Have fun up there. We will be reunited one day for eternal cuddles, kisses and playtimes. Lots of love, hugs and kisses Mum, Dad, Char, Al and your most recent friend/family member - Dan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Charlotte McDonagh - Sister