Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Our gorgeous Girl Max

I knew from the time I rescued you in 2003 we'd be great friends and I’d fall in love with you in no time, you'd been hurt so bad in the first 2 years of your life that you was scared of everyone, everything and every noise. It didn’t take long for you to trust me and we were inseparable from then on, I actually think you was the one that rescued me, my adorable girl.

You brought a massive amount of Love and happiness to our lives. You were always giving us your lovely smiles, sloppy kisses and soggy wet toys you were such a soft happy, good and loyal companion. It's broken our hearts to have to say goodbye so soon.We didn't know you had a tumour and how much pain you were in, the tumour turned out to be so massive, but you were so brave like always. The pains gone now baby, we held you so tight and gave you kisses and cuddies until you went to sleep.

Now you’re not here the tears won’t stop flowing, our hearts won’t mend and the house feels so empty without you, we all miss you so much, walks seem very lonely now. We'll see you in our dreams playing like you always did baby girl, please wait at rainbow bridge for us.

We’re sending you all our love and kisses till we meet again our little angel, night night girlie you sleep tight.x

Thank you Max for being the most fantastic friend and showing us what unconditional love is.

Love you always xxx

Your Mammy and Dad, Emma and Gabby - Owner
Our gorgeous Girl Max