our wonderful Elle (Boo)

In Memory of our wonderful Elle (Boo) Our Special Boxer – So Sadly Missed by everyone born 07.03.07,

The hardest day of my life came when you woke up frail and weak
That last night the pain kept you from your sleep
I had to do what must be done
For your last battle could not be won
I was so sad but I hope you understand
I held so much grief within my hands
On this day more than the rest
Our love and friendship had to stand a test
We had so many happy years
And I have shed so many tears 
I could not let you suffer so
The time came when I had to let you go
To a little place where you will mend
I stayed with you till the very end
I held you tight and you looked at me
Until your eyes could no longer see
I know in time I will agree
It was kindness I did for thee
The last time your little tail has waved
From pain and suffering you have been saved
It was so hard that it had to be me
Who had to decide this thing to do
We have been so close for so many years
My heart holds so many tears
The sad day that you passed away
But your memoires here will always stay
You were more than just a pet
A special friend we will never forget 

We miss you so much and we will never forget you sweetheart RIP, all our love Mummy, Grandma, Grandad and your partner in crime and soul mate Oscar George

Mummy, Grandma, Grandad - Owner
our wonderful Elle (Boo)