Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Peru

Dear Our Wonderful Cat Peru Peru, you found us in our balcony not many years ago, ever since you stayed with us, you showed us so much love. In the first couple of weeks, you seemed traumatised by whatever happened in your path and we understood that you needed to take your time to get to know us. To love you and to take good care of you was such a easy thing for us to do because of you were so wonderful to us. We hope we made you to feel happy at least in the rest of your life that you really deserved. Peru, you showed us how strong and loving you were to us even on your last day, last second of your life, you waited for us all to be together to hold you and watched your breathe going slowly. Your breath had stopped but you came back alive again just before my youngest son came back from his school so that he could be united with you for the last second of your life. It was a miracle. Thank you for showing us such love. We miss you so much. We are still finding hard not to be able to find you every time we enter our door because of you are not there by the top of our staircase waiting for us to come home. Every little things you did made us happy. You laid down between my sons and we used to laugh so much to think that you probably thought of you were their brother. You were and are a brother to them. We love you and will always love you. We really hope that you are now rest in peace. Where there is no pain. If there is such thing as reincarnation, find us again in the future and will always love you again. A lot of a lot of love from your family.
Peru’s Family - Owner