Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Ruby

Ruby, on the 24th of March we had to let you go. We hope you wasn’t in a lot of pain for to long. You was so tired in the end and we didn’t realise how tired you were as you still seemed so happy within yourself. Know that our hearts feel very heavy and our home feels so empty without you. You brought so much happiness and joy into our lives and we will treasure those memories forever. You were a true blessing and such a gentle giant and we miss you so much already. Nothing will ever feel the same without you. Tomorrow you should be back home where you belong and we will place you to rest next to your sister. If your already with her on that rainbow bridge remember what Kaine said. You take charge and don’t let her boss you around!! You big softy haha! You be the boss for once. We love you Sweet Girl. Rest in perfect peace.... Until we meet again! Love always Mum, Kaine & Winter
Denise - Mum