Twizzle Lurcher - Our Baby Boy.

You meant everything to us, We did not think of you as a mere dog or pet, you were one of us. We chose you from a litter of crazy looking lurcher pups, you were bought into the room in a towel after having a bath. Maria was 8 years old and your first Mum said that you were the one who loved the most cuddles. Maria is now 23, you did your job of being like a brother to her until she was a grown-up and you could leave us, you were tired in your last years but did not want to go. 
As a pup, you got detention for misbehaving in a training class; twice. You also won a rosette at a long dog show You did not have a mean bone in your body. A lurcher who could never catch a rabbit or those squirrels in the park, how you loved to try! The two cats in the garden that you saw up trees, they were shocked at your speed! You were a legend, everyone knew you. How you used to walk on your hind legs and bark all the way up the road and wake up the neighbourhood and make all the dogs bark on the way to your park. 
You were amazing! You won a trophy in 2004 for being the fastest dog, we still have the T-shirt to prove it. You only ever growled at some ants which were crawling on the garden bench towards you, we never heard you growl in anger. You went everywhere with us. In the back of Land Rovers, staying in the caravan. You accepted little Reg as your nephew. You leaped onto a huge trampoline and jumped with all the children, and then lay in the sun baking yourself. You slept and slept, sometimes upside down in ridiculous positions. Most of all you loved to run. 
It was just the last 24 hours, we knew something was very wrong. We could not leave you to suffer. I am sure you knew it was your time, and you said goodbye to us all, even Reg. 
we held you all night and carried you into your garden to see in the sunrise on that last morning. 
You went quickly and it was peaceful and kind, you just went to sleep. Your Dad held you and we cried and cried , we are still crying. 
Thank you our Twizzle Lurcher ;. 15 years of being such a perfect, loving and loyal companion. 
We will never forget you. You will always be our good boy. Our Baby Boy. xxx

Jackie, Bob and Maria Gallagher - Owner
Twizzle Lurcher - Our Baby Boy.