Remembrance Book - In loving memory of Rocey Mawson

Our pud nod, and little sausage, We only had 3years and 10 months together. In that little time you gave us so much love joy and happiness. Together we have been though so much, Your were the bravest little girl ever, insulin twice a day. bloods checks / test. you were absolute treasure and simply the best. We fell in love with you on day one, and now were all heart broken. We will love and miss you always Run free now Rocs. Sleep tight Pud nod Your Loving Family xxx I was chosen today I'm learning to fly the world took me away but please don't you cry and I chose you today to try and be strong so please don't you cry and don't say that I have gone when your feeling alone just remember our love I'm up near the stars looking down from above remember our love in a moment your see that I'm still here beside you when your thinking of me
Amy Mawson - Mummy
Rocey Mawson